Layaway Program

Yes! Academic Outfitters Fort Worth has a Layaway Program. You can place an order and then make payment installments towards your balance. After your final payment, our staff will arrange a time for you to pick up your purchased items. How does it work?

    • Browse for your items in our store online
    • Note: you can also come into our store and start a layaway plan as well
    • At checkout select the Layaway option
    • Visit the link below to pay at 20% deposit towards total amount owed in order to start processing your purchase through the following website.
    • This must be received within 1-2 business days of placing the order online.
    • If 20% deposit is not received by the 3rd business day, the order will be canceled by AO Staff
    • Be sure to ALWAYS MENTION ORDER#/INVOICE# for each payment
    • If you do NOT note the order#/invoice# your payment will NOT be applied as we will not know which order is associated with the payment. So this is VERY important.
    • Continue to make subsequent payments with the link above.
    • Remember EVERY payment submitted without an order#/invoice#, will NOT be applied to your outstanding balance, so always note this in the Invoice line when making an online payment.
    • You can make as many payments as you need in any amount even if they vary.
    • Once the balance has been paid in full you will be notified to pick up your items from the Fort Worth location.


Please note if the order is canceled by the customer, the 20% deposit mentioned in STEP THREE will be kept as a restocking fee due to items being pulled from inventory and held specifically for your order.

If at any time you need to adjust your order with size or style, please contact us with your Order#/Invoice# to make changes. No fees will occur as long as the items are equal or lesser value.

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